Research Projects

Current research projects


since 2021

Method and apparatus for ultrasonic stress measurement of railway wheels

ZIM funding

Completed research projects

Inspektion 4.0

start 2019 – completed 2021

Collaboration in the life cycle of equipment in refineries, chemical plants and power stations

IB funding


start 2018 – completed 2021

Development of a platform for the detection of stresses and residual stresses on the basis of ultrasound

VDI/VDE funding

Augmented reality system to support material testing and quality control on industrial equipment

start 2016 – completed 2018

ZIM funding

Three-dimensional representation of detected hydrogen-induced cracking

start 2014 – completed 2016

ZIM funding

Automated tank roof inspection

start 2012 – completed 2014

Integration of an immersion technology ultrasonic test on a robot for corrosion inspection on tank roofs

ZIM funding

3D ultrasonic measuring system for corrosion abrasion testing on piping systems

start 2010 – completed 2012

With the research and development project, a new system was developed with which the course of corrosion on pipes and pipe segments and elements in pipeline and plant construction can be measured with ultrasound and displayed three-dimensionally

ZIM funding

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